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Me and my friend camillo went down the seafront the other day and took some pictures of the sunset, the ships setting sail from the harbor of our town, Taranto, the purple and pink sky, and the grey sea below. His came out better than mine, I’m sure. Anyway they give me a sense of longing for far away places and adventure. Just like in a corto Maltese story by Hugo Pratt.

all I want for Xmas is chocolate.

Christmas chocolates in neat cute packages make me feel happy and make up for the lack of snow and a fireplace.

WordPress themes are much better than Livejournal’s. I’m glad I switched to it. It feels more serious too. But this may hinder me from posting beacuse I think most of my posts are about stupid things, like this one.

However, Iiiiiiiiiii feeeel loveeeeedd.


My notoriously miserable social life is proving itself even more miserable these days.
Meaning I hang out with the usual company of three old friends. doing different things, however. Like, going to the message party at the pub. A funny night, for sure… I played a trick on an old man sending him an anonymous message… and I even got a few compliments… quite an ego-boost.. even though I don’t really need it these days… I feel self-confident. Even though I’m not exactly HAPPY – but when have I ever been happy?? Only on recollection of past events – only in memory – and thought – and imagination