Bad dreams

I had two bad dreams last night. They left a sense of fear within me.

In the first one a friend of mine drove a car right into the sea and then we got out of the car and went for a swim with everyone else. But there were vampires in the water, with their eyes black and their skin white and long black dresses, and when the sun set and light disappeared they raised out of the water and bit everyone. It was frightening. Why do I always have to dream about horror coming out of the water?

In the second dream I was in a village where people helped me but then it turned out that they wanted to trap me. So I ran away in the woods and they got after me…

okay next time I won’t eat so much before going to bed.

Back to reality… I’m happy because my exams had satisfying results. Despite my fears. 🙂 And I wrote and handed in the final essay about the apprenticeship at the bookshop. It’s easier to write it than to do it! It took me a few days to invent… erm… collect everything about this experience and write it on Word and print it and have it signed by the professor.


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