in the kitchen

This is the most beautiful summer I’ve ever lived: I have seen so many places and done so many things, gigs and village feasts, beaches and mountains – it is a pity that my mood has to fall down and make me sad when I don’t have any reason to be – do I?
Anyway maybe I should not trap myself in the cage of my own thoughts, or I won’t be able to live and breathe. I want to be nice, I want to be perfect – but I forget how to be myself.
That’s something I always have to remember. And that I’m lucky

I’ve lived the last weeks without my parents and without anyone else in the house beyond myself even though I have been out most of the time – and I like it, it would be nice to stay like this forever. But I know it’s gonna change – I will move sooner or later, to another town or another house. What will be of me in three months? I’m so curious to see what’s gonna happen, in every field of my life… My life is like a giant mirror where I still cannot see clearly


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