will I let it go???

I said I wouldn’t read horoscope anymore – but I couldn’t resist. And this week Brezsny’s wise tips seem to be tailored for me. “It’s Let It Go Week, Scorpio — also known as Just Drop It Week. This is a fertile moment in your astrological cycle, a time when you’ll be rewarded with a creative influx if you surrender your tight grip, give up your obsessive hold, and stop clinging to your hardened expectations. So I urge you to summon your most brazen vigor and get yourself as completely unstuck as you dare. And please keep in mind that this should be relaxing fun, not a worrisome ordeal.” I’m a person with high expectations and hyper critical to myself because I just don’t give enough – but this week it will be enough – no matter what – because it’s me and I’m not going to compare myself with any expectation


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