Chocolate Indecency

Chocolate Indecency

Originally uploaded by sonykus

I read somewhere that it’s better to write down your personal goals and fraction them into small everyday achievements… yesterday I have fulfilled one: I passed an exam! 🙂 This brings me closer to my final goal which is to pass at least three exams before going to Saabruecken 🙂 There is just one left!

And in case you’re wondering, another goal is to go to Starbucks and have hot creamy coffee like the one you see in the photo 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Indecency

  1. Mannaggia a te che non sei mai venuta a trovarmi a Bari, altrimenti ti avrei portato ad una meravigliosa cioccolateria…altro che indecenza, ci sono delle cose porchissime 😀
    (Tra l’altro ci facciamo anche le riunioni di anobii!)

  2. /burina mode on/ c’hai raggione ahò… nun te se pò di’ proprio gnente… /burina mode off/ sto leggendo la storia in questi giorni e mi scappa di parlar romanesco… e poi in questo caso sono pure in tema 😀

  3. If you’re going to pass your other exam as well, I’ll dedicate this photo and make it a gift for you! 🙂 Might buy you a cup of hot chocolate as well, if you ever come to (or travel through) Transylvania, Romania.

    Ciao and good luck!
    Fingers crossed,
    Sonykus (yes, the very guy who took that photo :D)

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