hello world

hello world

Originally uploaded by Red Beetle now in Saarbrücken

to be honest – I don’t miss anything at all. I just want to stay here.
Or maybe I have such life hunger that I don’t want to look back. It’s not about regretting my italian life – it’s more about loving Erasmus and Germany and everything.
I sometimes think about the moment I’ll leave and wonder how sad I am going to be. I feel some kind of pre-fear of the moment I’ll have to say goodbye everyone. Someone is leaving already at the end of July.
My room is totally schmutzig right now – but es geht, I am going to putzen later. Shelves are messy and there are various posters on the wall. My favorite one is Wanderer am Nebelsee.
I habe Lust zu fotografieren. Portraits. I’d so much like some sun, and sitting on the grass like last Sunday. How many wonderful things are yet to come? I’m like the flower growing out of the soil – letting itself being caressed by the rays of the sun


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