3 places where I’d like to live

There are so many things I want to do. I have too much time but I spend it in deplorable ways like playing fb games and tumblring and searching jobs.

1. Living in Berlin

I speak German but I am slowly forgetting how to because I never practise. Living and working in Berlin would be the best way to speak a better German. Actually, there are many more reasons to live in Berlin: because it’s the centre of youth life, because it is cheap and because it is not Italy.

2. Living in NYC

That’s the dream of my life. The Bcouncil examinator asked me where I would like to live and I said immediately “New York”. I would like to live in of those houses you see on the Cosby show (was it NYC or Boston, by the way?). But really in the beginning just one room would do. All I  need is living there. It’s not about fashionable shops and bustling city life – it’s just that stories have one place to start and that place is New York for me.

3. Living abroad

I’m talking about any country which has to deal with poverty issues, war, refugees, reconstruction. I would like to be of help. I am not saying I am not afraid – I would be. But if I was offered the possibility to be employed in humanitarian organizations working in such difficult situations, I would accept it.


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