Chocolate Indecency

Chocolate Indecency

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I read somewhere that it’s better to write down your personal goals and fraction them into small everyday achievements… yesterday I have fulfilled one: I passed an exam! 🙂 This brings me closer to my final goal which is to pass at least three exams before going to Saabruecken 🙂 There is just one left!

And in case you’re wondering, another goal is to go to Starbucks and have hot creamy coffee like the one you see in the photo 🙂

:) smiling again

I’m writing from the university library as usual. The big news is… my lovely super adorable parents bought me a new pc!!! And I may soon get an internet connection too!!!

Last week’s sadness was blown away in two hours’ time yesterday. I passed another exam and I had a solitary walk, just the way I like it. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Today it’s cloudy and the air smells like damp. 
And after the exam I had a news which just made my day brighter.  Life is unpredictable.