in the kitchen

This is the most beautiful summer I’ve ever lived: I have seen so many places and done so many things, gigs and village feasts, beaches and mountains – it is a pity that my mood has to fall down and make me sad when I don’t have any reason to be – do I?
Anyway maybe I should not trap myself in the cage of my own thoughts, or I won’t be able to live and breathe. I want to be nice, I want to be perfect – but I forget how to be myself.
That’s something I always have to remember. And that I’m lucky

I’ve lived the last weeks without my parents and without anyone else in the house beyond myself even though I have been out most of the time – and I like it, it would be nice to stay like this forever. But I know it’s gonna change – I will move sooner or later, to another town or another house. What will be of me in three months? I’m so curious to see what’s gonna happen, in every field of my life… My life is like a giant mirror where I still cannot see clearly

no more anhedonic?

just read Der Ketzer von Soana. It’s unjustly infamous, I think critics should analyze it because it’s so decadent in its themes. It reminded me of D’Annunzio.

If I think about the present phase of my life I’m living and compare it to everything that was before it, I can’t but see an extremely deep DIFFERENCE. My life was 80% sad and 20% pleasurable. Now it’s 85% pleasurable and 15% sad. Pretty good for an anhedonic like me. And plus that 15% doesn’t depend from me but from people who are plotting to make my life emptier.

Good things come when you least expect it. And when you expect it they never come. This could be the sum of the last month.

Flickr meeting and that


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This picture was taken by Ernesto a.k.a. salvuzzo.
I met him and other interesting people at the Flickr meeting in Lecce on Saturday 1 March.
We met to take pictures of the city but ended up taking pictures of each other! We laughed so much! 🙂
I feel strange seeing myself as the subject of a photo. I’ve never really thought of myself as interesting at all. But I love these pictures and I would like to put them all here. It’s been a little ego-boost. 😉

Yesterday I bought some chocolates -some with a rhum filling, other ones with coffee… delicious. The man who sold them to me put a little chocolate heart in the bag with the others. It just made me smile.

But there’s no sorrows of young me without some little drama. Let’s talk about suffering then. It would be odd to read a totally happy post.
I get accused of things by my room mates. I’m getting tired of this and of suffering from it. I shall not get sad or mad anymore. I just don’t want to think about it because it’s not worth it. They won’t make me feel miserable anymore.

And there’s something strongly bugging me in the field of sentiments too. Just like a sting, a subtle pain that won’t leave me alone. I keep asking questions but get no answer.

My English is bugging me, too. I have to end this post before the Oxford Language Society sues me.