brief reflection upon the subject “me”

Brezsny says: “The bad news is that you are, metaphorically speaking, in jail. The good news is that a recent visitor sneaked you the key to the locked door of your cell. The weird news: You have not yet realized that you have the means to escape, since your visitor did not actually tell you that the key is hidden inside a certain thing he or she left behind. The great news is that I’m here to inform you about the situation. Once you locate the key, Scorpio, slip your hand between the iron bars so you can fit the key into the keyhole from the front. It won’t work from behind.”

I do feel in a cage – because I want to do a lot of things but I can’t and I feel frustrated. Maybe the key is using my skills for something which I can truly do instead of craving the impossible.

will I let it go???

I said I wouldn’t read horoscope anymore – but I couldn’t resist. And this week Brezsny’s wise tips seem to be tailored for me. “It’s Let It Go Week, Scorpio — also known as Just Drop It Week. This is a fertile moment in your astrological cycle, a time when you’ll be rewarded with a creative influx if you surrender your tight grip, give up your obsessive hold, and stop clinging to your hardened expectations. So I urge you to summon your most brazen vigor and get yourself as completely unstuck as you dare. And please keep in mind that this should be relaxing fun, not a worrisome ordeal.” I’m a person with high expectations and hyper critical to myself because I just don’t give enough – but this week it will be enough – no matter what – because it’s me and I’m not going to compare myself with any expectation