e invece ora

casa nuova coi ragnetti in camera, insetti che entrano di soppiatto e che devo schiacciare, la gatta piccola che nutro col grasso del prosciutto crudo, la camera gigantesca con tutti quei libri e quelle cianfrusaglie che hanno fatto impazzire chi mi ha aiutato a traslocare, il frigo da cambiare, il balcone spazioso, il bagno in cucina!, do’ litt, le cartoline dei pub appese in cucina,

Flickr meeting and that


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This picture was taken by Ernesto a.k.a. salvuzzo.
I met him and other interesting people at the Flickr meeting in Lecce on Saturday 1 March.
We met to take pictures of the city but ended up taking pictures of each other! We laughed so much! 🙂
I feel strange seeing myself as the subject of a photo. I’ve never really thought of myself as interesting at all. But I love these pictures and I would like to put them all here. It’s been a little ego-boost. 😉

Yesterday I bought some chocolates -some with a rhum filling, other ones with coffee… delicious. The man who sold them to me put a little chocolate heart in the bag with the others. It just made me smile.

But there’s no sorrows of young me without some little drama. Let’s talk about suffering then. It would be odd to read a totally happy post.
I get accused of things by my room mates. I’m getting tired of this and of suffering from it. I shall not get sad or mad anymore. I just don’t want to think about it because it’s not worth it. They won’t make me feel miserable anymore.

And there’s something strongly bugging me in the field of sentiments too. Just like a sting, a subtle pain that won’t leave me alone. I keep asking questions but get no answer.

My English is bugging me, too. I have to end this post before the Oxford Language Society sues me.

the sky over Lecce…

… is quite cloudy and rainy today. This just makes my sojourn here more stressing.
I went to the bookshop yesterday so I could get to work but they told me there were too many people and they couldn’t tell me what to do. They will call me when they need me.
The lie guys use to tell you, said Sara.
So much frustration.
How can I complete 150 hours of work in three months?
I never will, that’s the answer.
Clouds and rain, I wanna cry and then kill the bookshop people.

going to bed

going to the university town tomorrow. Better go now and prepare the luggage. I have to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow… T_T but I’m glad because I’ll finally manage to see the town market, if I’m lucky . 😀