From Russia with love (lame title)

A Russian ship must have arrived in the harbour because we’ve been seeing foreign sailors around the town since this morning.

I just came back from the market where I saw one of them. My friend Camillo dared me to come up to him and talk to him, and after some hesitation I gathered my courage, fought against shyness and used the beloved idiom of germanic descent I love since I was 13.

“Good evening” – I didn’t even give him the time to answer my greeting- “Where are you from?”
“I was born in Saint Petersburg” he said, and smiled. He looked happy. “Are you happy?” I asked him. “I can’t understand”. Oh yes maybe he doesn’t know what happiness is. “How old are you?” “28” but he looked much younger.

And his name? I forgot to ask.
And I could not understand the name of the town his ship took sail from.