the unsaid.

Breathe me

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Hello. I’m the melodramatic girl getting hurt by nearly anything and using emphatic metaphors to talk about her feelings. I thought it was over.

You were reaching out to me. We were getting closer and closer still – you approached me with that delicacy of yours, and I was shy like a hedgehog, keeping people away with my spines – a warm sensation of you growing inside of me – “hold me, wrap me up unfold me I am small I’m needy warm me up and breathe me” – you made me believe in you – but it was untrue – was it?

Has anyone ever taught you to use words properly? What did you really mean by them?
Why did you have to plant flowers in my heart if I have to pull them up?
your sunshine was for someone else and my unlucky flowers die

it’s over

[it’s over. it never started. we will never know how it would have been. we will lay together in the world of dreams]

The doctor says I eat too much junk food which damages my skin. I’m having fresh vegetables at lunch and dinner now, they don’t suck as much as before beacuse I add sauce but I would rather not eat them.
It’s odd how the more I hate things and try to avoid them the more I attract them! Don’t mind me and my bad English, I’m just feeling unlucky these days.

Exams are coming and I don’t feel like studying. I read and re read the same passages over and over again. i don’t see what I have to struggle against. I’ve done a lot this year, these few last days won’t improve much my learning.

Great concert last Wednesday – the singer’s strong voice is still in my head: Volami accanto, solca il tempo, bevi l’immenso soffio eterno… my friends were taking pictures all around me… really a great night

a post about me.

I don’t want to hear horoscopes anymore. They make me sadder than I already am if they tell bad things and they give me hopes which won’t be fulfilled if they tell good things. I always have to find a problem eveywhere, don’t I? And I get enthusiast when it looks like the right thing is just round the corner but when I turn the corner I find out that it wasn’t so right after all. And I get sad. Oh so sad.