La mia città si anima solo per una processione. Migliaia di persone affollano le strade, si accalcano sui marciapiedi in piedi, immobili, per vedere le statue, si spintonano per passare da una parte all’altra, si fermano a salutare gli amici, si aggirano intorno ai perdoni in cerca della migliore angolazione dalla quale scattare una foto, si parano davanti alle statue per scorgere il mistero. E mi sento triste se penso al deserto che normalmente si vede per queste strade. Taranto rivive solo durante la Settimana Santa. Per il resto, è una città di morti viventi.


Per il resto, mi sono resa conto di sapere ben poco sulla processione dei Misteri. Un’autentica tarantina dovrebbe fare da guida ai propri amici stranieri e illustrare i misteri della processione dei misteri.
Inoltre, non ho mai visto la processione del giovedì santo, quella dell’Addolorata. La cosa mi addolora profondamente. Deve essere spettacolare una processione tra i vicoli della città vecchia, così stretti da rendere l’assistere all’evento una vera penitenza.

From Russia with love (lame title)

A Russian ship must have arrived in the harbour because we’ve been seeing foreign sailors around the town since this morning.

I just came back from the market where I saw one of them. My friend Camillo dared me to come up to him and talk to him, and after some hesitation I gathered my courage, fought against shyness and used the beloved idiom of germanic descent I love since I was 13.

“Good evening” – I didn’t even give him the time to answer my greeting- “Where are you from?”
“I was born in Saint Petersburg” he said, and smiled. He looked happy. “Are you happy?” I asked him. “I can’t understand”. Oh yes maybe he doesn’t know what happiness is. “How old are you?” “28” but he looked much younger.

And his name? I forgot to ask.
And I could not understand the name of the town his ship took sail from.


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Me and my friend camillo went down the seafront the other day and took some pictures of the sunset, the ships setting sail from the harbor of our town, Taranto, the purple and pink sky, and the grey sea below. His came out better than mine, I’m sure. Anyway they give me a sense of longing for far away places and adventure. Just like in a corto Maltese story by Hugo Pratt.

the sky over Taranto

Finally back in Taranto!! 😀 my room, my house look like new to my eyes. I’ve brought home tasty sweets from Lecce. I hope they like them :)))

The bookshop called me while I was at lesson Wednesday and told me to go at a congress in hotel Tiziano to sell medicine books at a stand. I was so frustrated to work for a bookshop selling university books.
But this Friday has made me enthusiastic about life and optimistic: I’ve completed 7 hours and 3/4 of work and they even PAID me 25 €!! And they did not have to! 😀

Then I went to check my Flickr mail and what did I find?? A message from an advertising company asking me to use a picture of mine for the site of a famous brand of water.
It left me breathless.
I printed it and pinned it on my wall…

bread at the Villa

Mom bought me a new bag. It’s big black and Benetton >:D and a purple sweater. I love the almost blue kind of purple.
We were near the gardens and decided to have a look at the preparations for the festival. They were cooking bread and focaccia and we bought some. It was delicious 😀