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 I take a spoonful of marmalade just to let it drop observing its red transparency.

I had an exam today but there were so many people that they told some of us to come back in two days. That’s bad, I should be studying for another right now :S I have three exams left and I’m worried about not being able to pass them.

Anyway I took some free time for myself, had a walk and bought Death Note 11. My mangamania has come back. How can I resist those cute little faces and those plots which are so close to the patterns of my life? I bought Jelly Beans, Akuma no Eros and Nana.

Summer has started and the shorts I wear at home have become even shorter. My legs are still as white as snow though. Still no beach for me.

:) smiling again

I’m writing from the university library as usual. The big news is… my lovely super adorable parents bought me a new pc!!! And I may soon get an internet connection too!!!

Last week’s sadness was blown away in two hours’ time yesterday. I passed another exam and I had a solitary walk, just the way I like it. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Today it’s cloudy and the air smells like damp. 
And after the exam I had a news which just made my day brighter.  Life is unpredictable.


I’ve just claimed this blog on Technorati. it was mine, it was on Technorati, so, let’s do it, I told myself.

I’ve been studying a lot these days -more pages a day than I’ve ever done before- -because I have two exams, one next week and the other one at the beginning of February – but I still feel I’m not working enough. I don’t know if I’ll make it.

I’ve seen Eurotrip this afternoon. A light movie with some good humourous situations – just what I needed. 🙂

today at English tutorial

there is someone whose name is doctorhousemirko||| 😀 😀 😀 yesterday doctor house frightened me…
well I’ve met an ugly girl who is by accident engaged… looks like everyone in the world is… but ME!!! But the great thing is that her bf is albanian!!! 😀 This is what I call open-mindedness and multiculturality.