the sky over Taranto

Finally back in Taranto!! 😀 my room, my house look like new to my eyes. I’ve brought home tasty sweets from Lecce. I hope they like them :)))

The bookshop called me while I was at lesson Wednesday and told me to go at a congress in hotel Tiziano to sell medicine books at a stand. I was so frustrated to work for a bookshop selling university books.
But this Friday has made me enthusiastic about life and optimistic: I’ve completed 7 hours and 3/4 of work and they even PAID me 25 €!! And they did not have to! 😀

Then I went to check my Flickr mail and what did I find?? A message from an advertising company asking me to use a picture of mine for the site of a famous brand of water.
It left me breathless.
I printed it and pinned it on my wall…

the sky over Lecce…

… is quite cloudy and rainy today. This just makes my sojourn here more stressing.
I went to the bookshop yesterday so I could get to work but they told me there were too many people and they couldn’t tell me what to do. They will call me when they need me.
The lie guys use to tell you, said Sara.
So much frustration.
How can I complete 150 hours of work in three months?
I never will, that’s the answer.
Clouds and rain, I wanna cry and then kill the bookshop people.